Welcome to the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault (CAPA) website. Here you will find information about CAPA’s mandate, events, and other relevant information about anti-psychiatry in Canada and worldwide.


CAPA is an organization that is focused on strategic activism. As such, CAPA does not deal with direct service. If you are interested in accessing services, please visit our links page for resources. Strategic activism involves developing actions that are part of a larger campaign aimed at achieving specific goals. Currently, CAPA members are working on developing strategies and actions aimed at curtailing the use of psychiatric drugs and electroshock. If you share these goals and you are interested in joining CAPA, please review CAPA’s membership requirements.

Are you horrified with what psychiatry is doing to people? Would you like to support the important work of CAPA?  The most important way is to attend CAPA meetings and take part in events.  Another helpful way would be by making a contribution.


Click here to view CAPA’s Antipsychiatry Fact Sheet

Click here for Burstow article on antipsychiatry myths and facts, named “Antipsychiatry Revisited”

For information about the feminist anti-electroshock campaign, please our Upcoming Events page.


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